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FRANK.HAAGA has been cooking German cuisine for decades at a level that has earned him a large and loyal following of guests.

Also here on Mallorca, where, after two head chef positions, he was able to gain experience on a tourist holiday island and make a name for himself in cooking.


Now he has opened his own restaurant in Paguera where he can really live out his philosophy of good food and drink.

Everything FRESH. Everything GOOD. Everything PLENTY.


"At first glance, no
really innovative concept,
but modern, honest, real
and therefore especially today
very rare and therefore
in the end


Well done! "

The Gastro Critic

“Frank Haaga’s dishes are simply delicious, fresh and really very tasty”

Daniel Kuhnle

Weingut Kuhnle, Weinstadt

FRANK HAAGA is an experienced chef with a great passion for

the German cuisine.

Its innovative traditional concept relies on German

Food with modern twist.

This allows you to experience German cuisine in a new light.

Rainer Gardyan

“Some can cook. But
only a few have this passion
for good food”

Markus Pollinski

Hotel Restaurant Lamm, Hebsack

Daily menu

You have half board for the evening and are already hungry at lunchtime?

Then we should get to know each other because we will fill your stomach with delicious food and at the same time save your wallet.


Evening menu

Discover our carefully selected dishes, which we prepare fresh every day with lots of love and passion.


Swabian Tapas

Enjoy a Swabian / Spanish crossover that will initially confuse you and then delight you.


"Just take it with me"
(Take away)

There are also lots of dishes to take away. To the beach or as a souvenir to take home. Everything is homemade and always fresh.


BesaHorschdle &
Bernd Mayländer Wines

Try our wines from the Swabian Remstal from BesaHorschdle & the Formula 1 Safety Car driverBernd Mayländer.

The BesaHorschdle is a  donation project. At least 10% of the proceeds go to CHILDREN IN NEED.

More info at

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Enjoy the very real FrankHaaga "Eat and drink well" experience

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